Lack of resources and support to slow down cloud migration

A new research by iland revealed that cloud migration has been slowed down or impeded due to a lack of resources, time and support.


Indeed, the research showed that 83% of businesses say the lack of migration resources and/or the time has delayed cloud migration, while 12% stated it has entirely prevented migration.


It was also found out that, despite the increase in cloud adoption due to the pandemic, hyperscaler IaaS instance types might not meet their cost and performance needs for mission-critical applications, and that many organizations were not satisfied with key features of cloud provisions such as security, performance, availability, and support.


Moreover, 23% of organizations say that they are not confident that production data is protected via backup or disaster recovery in the event of data loss with their cloud service provider and 53% stated that security is the top factor in cloud supplier selection.


The study also found out that the key requirements for cloud service provision include common or unified management across all services. This represents a priority for 73% of those adopting multi-cloud solutions. Likewise, there should be more infrastructure visibility and control.


Finally, 89% declared it was critical that they can write to their CSP’s API for future software development and deployment. The report revealed that 76% of organizations agree on the fact that CSPs should assist or actively manage customer data compliance.


Therefore, there is a vital need to look beyond cloud platforms and ensure that vendors can offer the necessary supporting services to businesses in order to reduce risk and improve time to value.