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The July 2017 issue of TEST Magazine reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere: from technological working, business and financial analytics to fictional narratives. Questions about its use can be simplified into: does it provide a gateway to a new age of technological possibilities or a negative outlook for workers and society in general? The issue includes a number of articles on how the AI applies within the software testing world.


Fears that Britain’s largest warship could be vulnerable to cyberattacks

Reporter, Leah Alger, and Editor, Andrew Holt, analyse a surprising case of a new £3.5billion state of the art warship, but with outdated software that left the NHS exposed.

JP Morgan’s ‘Rise of the Machines’

Reporter, Leah Alger, gets an understanding of a thought-provoking topic to be covered by a leading speaker at the Software Testing Conference NORTH in September.

DevOps is a ‘meaningless buzzword’ says report

Reporter, Leah Alger, gets views on a contentious study that says DevOps has ‘zero impact’ on work process.

Thought leadership: 

Using AI to re-imagine software quality
Recognising the power of test automation to deliver business value, Jayashree Natarajan explores the development of AI in software application testing.

Anti-money and laundering challenges

Vice President of Maveric Systems, Krishnakumar Ranganathan, warns that a robust IT approach needs to be embraced to deal with banking Anti-Money Laundering processes.

Testing is broken: How AI and analytics can deliver true test automation

Antony Edwards argues that testing is broken, addressing why organisations struggle with the process.

Device Testing: 

Developing dependable devices

Frederik Van Slycken, Device Security Expert at Intelligent Systems/Altran and contributor to the prpl Foundation, focuses on how to develop a quality, secure IoT device.

Manufacturing Sector:

Manufacturing a better approach to application security

Colin Domoney, Senior Product Innovation Manager at Veracode, looks at what the manufacturing industry is doing well at in terms of appsec and what other industries can learn from them.

Mobile Testing:

Yielding better mobile

Head of Mobile at Future Platforms, Dougie Hoskins, shares his insight on integrating testing into the development process, arguing it can be an effective way to deliver complicated mobile apps.

From Europe to Korea

A case study of globalised crowdtesting.


Who’s responsible when IoT gets hacked?

An invasion of privacy and an insecure channel for exploiting the individual are among the accusations levelled at the Internet of Things (IoT), and with some justification, argues Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners.


Digital transformation: driving test trends

Mario Matthee, Head of Research and Development at DVT Global Testing Solutions, says digital transformation is real, but critical mass is still some way off.

Future Vision:

The Test Manager 2.0

Paul Mowat, Technology Delivery Lead Senior Manager at Accenture, gazes into his crystal ball and envisages the future for test managers and the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Smart Cities:

Smart Cities: Lessons Learned

Perves Siddiqui, Vice President of Business Development at Genetec, argues that technology has a big role in enabling collaboration within cities. But we need to ensure we draft the correct policies.

Performance Testing:

Which tool to use in testing

Dasanka Lecic, Test Developer at Levi9 IT Services, looks at the tools to fulfil the job for performance testing.

Vendors to End-Users:

Selling software testing

So you sell software testing services? Ever wondered what your customers are thinking? The answers may surprise you, suggests Johan Steyn.


Efficient practices of development

Elena Moldavskaya, Business Analyst at Intetics, highlights the benefits of the Test Driven development and Behaviour Driven Development approaches.

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