Java developers facing many challenges while using microservices

A new survey by Perforce Software revealed the disruptive effect of microservices on the Java ecosystem.


Although microservices are rising in popularity, with 66% of Java developers declaring that they are actively transitioning to or currently using microservices, they are however encountering many challenges with performance and redeployment.


Indeed, one of the main problems seems to be deployment times. 59% of developers said to experience redeploy times over four minutes, while 20% said have redeployed times greater than 10 minutes.


This could be explained by the fact that microservices are running on remote virtualization machines. Another explanation could be due to the growing number of applications developers have in a primary microservices environment.


Even though microservices provide faster and more reliable delivery of complex applications, the survey proved that developers still need solutions to eliminate long redeploy times.