IT teams to lose time on manual tasks due to poor management of multi-cloud environments

It was recently reported that IT teams are spending too much time on manual and routine tasks as companies switch to multi-cloud architectures.

Indeed, a study by Dynatrace revealed that moving to multi-cloud environments has broken traditional approaches to infrastructure monitoring and led to a decrease in innovation. It was then found out that there is a great need for automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Around 99% of organizations have a multi-cloud environment and rely on 7 different infrastructure monitoring solutions in order to manage them. As a result, this makes it complicated to optimize infrastructure performance and resource consumption. IT leaders have declared that using Kubernetes has helped their infrastructure be more dynamic and challenging to manage.

Moreover, 61% of IT leaders believe that observability blind spots in their multi-cloud environments are becoming important risks to digital transformation as they cannot easily monitor their infrastructure end-to-end. Infrastructure management is also becoming harder with cloud services as teams have to switch between different solutions and dashboards to gain insights.

Hence, it is essential to have a platform that can provide end-to-end observability across multi-cloud environments.