IT teams to lean towards continuous learning culture in DevOps

A new report by the DevOps Institute revealed that 70% of IT teams want ongoing skills development with the continued adoption of DevOps.

Indeed, it was reported that a majority of IT teams are leaning towards a continuous learning culture and safety culture. The study showcased that building a learning culture can only happen if there is a no-blaming or shaming of problems as well as if problems are made visible so that everyone can learn and profit from the problems, solutions, and knowledge.

Yet, 39% of IT teams are showed to be struggling with a defined and systematic upskilling program, while 52% already have a formally designed upskilling program or are currently developing one.

The report also found out that DevOps engineers are the most in-demand job title in 2021, with 53% of recently recruited DevOps positions. It was stated that when new team members are hired, organizations first look for talent internally before looking externally. Hence, 38% of companies have declared that their DevOps teams have stayed the same, while 23% said they expanded.

Moreover, 25% stated that they prefer to hire internally and then train the individual due to the IT skills gap, especially in DevOps.