IT functions to change significantly in the next five years

It was recently found out that IT functions will be undergoing radical changes within the next five years.

Indeed, a recent study by Pegasystems Inc revealed that IT leaders are lacking confidence in their own departments. as around 51% of all global senior IT decision-makers are uncertain that their IT teams can enact positive change over the next five years. 17% have also no trust at all or hold significant doubts.

This lack of confidence results from many companies investing in the wrong IT solutions. Only 12% reported that all their IT investments had paid off in the last five years. Moreover, 29% noted that IT risks are underfunded and this will not improve unless budgets are decentralized and integrated into other departments.

The IT function will have a significant makeover, which will allow for better decision-making, wiser investments, and greater cross-departmental collaboration. Among the changes, IT will be adding greater value as a result of decentralization and delegating more. Investments in technologies like low-code platforms and intelligent automation will make it easier for people across the business to do tasks that would previously have been given to IT. Hence, this will lead to more IT workers being more creative, cooperating more with other departments, and spending less time on administrative tasks.

Moreover, IT workers will develop better leadership and people skills, as emerging technologies will give them the freedom to expand their roles and responsibilities. There will also be more diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology sector.

However, 67% of respondents are afraid that with these changes, their workloads are set to significantly increase as IT becomes more an increasingly valued part of the business.