IoT M2M Council sources IoT platforms via reports

To source IoT software platforms, the world’s largest IoT group, IoT M2M Council, has created a template request for proposal (RFP) and assessment reports.

The group has been assessing software for compliance with RFPs as a service, through a wiki-based, open-source process.

IMC board companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Wind River, sponsor the programme and invite other platform providers to join.

Volkhard Bregulla, vice-president at HPE, said: “The number of IoT platforms has exploded, and it’s easy to get confused. We have excellent, quantitative data that tells us this kind of ‘hands-on’ buying tool will be very important in procuring software.

“We surveyed over 100 rank-and-file members, and 100% of buyers said they would find the template useful.”

The RFP and assessment reports provide detailed coverage of device management, security, connectivity management and data analytics.

Written by Leah Alger