Invoice Cloud accommodates cash payers

Invoice Cloud is accommodating customers who prefer to pay with cash, offering a solution called PayNearMe.

Despite living in a “digital world”, Invoice Cloud’s clients can process their payments through their existing Invoice Cloud payment portal.

When PayNearMe is enabled, customers will see the option to pay with cash at the beginning of the checkout process.

Cash paying customers can then locate a nearby retailer and print a payment slip or have it sent to their mobile device.

‘Cash is still king’

Next, the customer will present the payment slip to the cashier, pay cash and receive a receipt.

Invoice Cloud’s clients then identify the now electronic payment in their standard reports and track and reconcile cash payments as electronic check and credit card payments.

Bob Bennett, Invoice Cloud CEO, commented: “When we started Invoice Cloud we thought we were the ‘everything but cash’ solution.

“Turns out, we were wrong. Cash is still king for many customers and we are pleased to be able to provide the same high-quality solutions to all our clients’ customers using PayNearMe’s advanced solution.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger