Institute of Technical Education to launch a new cybersecurity training facility

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) in Singapore has recently announced that it will launch a cybersecurity training facility in order to teach students how to protect critical industrial and manufacturing equipment from being hacked.


The Institute already has courses that focus on information technology (IT), in which students are taught to manage computer systems and devices, as well as secure network servers.


In order to set the facility, the Institute has partnered with ST Engineering. The company will then provide at least four internship placements for ITE students each year. Hence, around 300 students from ITE’s cybersecurity courses will be able to attend classes in the new Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security, which should open later this year.


There, students will learn how to defend operational technology (OT) systems, as well as develop their ‘cyber range’, meaning they will have cyber warfare training in virtual environments. This will teach them how to defend these infrastructures and types of environment, especially as cyberattacks are growing more and more every day.