Infosys releases open source DevOps platform

Infosys, a global leader in technology services and consulting, has launched an enterprise-class integrated DevOps platform into Open Source via Github, according to

According to the company, the platform aims to make Agile and DevOps platforms easier for developers and managers.

The new platform will provide organisations with scalable pre-built scripts and DevOps pipelines to accelerate application onboarding, improve scriptless automation, and provide real-time visibility through cognitive insights.

Ravi Kumar, president and deputy COO for Infosys, said: “The global systems integrator has spent the last several years turning each element of its DevOps platform into a set of microservices based on containers that can now be deployed almost anywhere.

Each element of the Infosys DevOps platform can be consumed via a set of templates that Infosys has developed. The goal is to reduce the amount of time any organisation needs to spend developing that framework and processes required to accelerate any digital business transformation project,” Kumar added.

Recently, Infosys won awards for Best Overall DevOps projects within the finance, retail and communications industry in 2018. The company also received accolades for best automation project and the most successful cultural transformation initiative.

According to Kumar, organisations that use software to innovate their sectors are implementing DevOps to transform their digital businesses.

“Each organisation today is required to significantly increase the rate at which applications are developed and updated to create a modern digital experience for customers, employees and business partners,” he said.

With the launch of a new Open Source platform, Kumar believes that clients can innovate faster and effectively address any challenges that their business face.