Indian Prime Minister urges to prioritise cybersecurity

Following a speech at the Bengaluru Tech Summit, a major Indian tech event, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that young people are the future of India’s digital force as he called for the nation’s tech industry to start designing digital defenses and products for the world.


The Indian Prime Minister made it clear that developing new products that should protect against cyber-attacks and viruses needs to become a priority. With India being one of the biggest markets, it has the potential to go global and create tech solutions for the world.


Modi is thus calling for all the youth to advance and upgrade information security. Indeed, with the spread of the pandemic and lockdowns, cybersecurity has become vital. Hence, he considers the younger generations to be able to play a major role in creating strong defenses and cybersecurity solutions. He also stated that having a secure data governance framework should remain at the top of the list.


It is true that some of India’s services have already begun to develop vertical applications with long-term deals that can blend code and ongoing consultancy. The Prime Minister is thus trying to create an industry that can satisfy both local and worldwide demands, especially since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.


The Prime Minister ended his speech by evoking the potential of the nation’s tech industry, and how far it can go.