Indian Doctor creates healthcare cloud app

An Indian doctor has created a cloud app, helping millions of impoverished children to access healthcare.

The Care N Grow app created by DR. Meghana Kambham consists of artificial intelligence (AI) and biomedical sensing technology to generate a clinical-grade “health report card”.

The project is based in India, where 1 paediatrician for every 3,000 children suffer from preventable diseases because of little basic healthcare, according to the Digital Journal.

Teachers can use the cloud-based tool to give their students regular medical check-ups, without formal medical training.

The app guides the teacher through asking the child several questions about their general health and basic lifestyle.

A machine learning algorithm pulls in medical data about the child to estimate whether they’re healthy and check for any preventable diseases, creating a “clinical-grade” health report card that offers recommendations on how to proceed with accessing further medical assistance.

Written from press release by Leah Alger