iland takes on Catalyst to assist with cloud migration

In a move to make it easier for customers to move to the cloud from traditional data centres, cloud service provider, iland, is adding new features to its complementary cloud assessment tool.

Its hoped that the new characteristics will be able to predict requirements for workloads, applications, and production sites.

The security application and cloud service for the VMware company introduced a catalyst to assists businesses model and right size cloud requirements for disaster recovery, cloud backup or migration without over-provisioning or under-provisioning.

Migrating to cloud services

Firms that move from traditional data centres to cloud-based infrastructures need to predict resources based on the number of times an application has been used. Compatibility and size are also key considerations when thinking about cloud service migration.

“Whether it’s your first time moving to the cloud or if you’re adding more workloads and applications, the last thing you want to do is worry about guessing if your environment is capable of leveraging the cloud and the cost to get there,” said iland senior vice president Dante Orsini. “iland Catalyst removes that stress for customers around the world.”

Added points

New features of the iland Catalyst cloud assessment tool include the ability to calculate annual long-term retention objectives on cloud-based backup scenarios as well as support to provide Catalyst capabilities for both Windows and Mac environments.

“When working with new customers and prospects, intelligence and insights are the top competitive differentiators,” said Chris McDuffie, vice president of cloud architecture for Structured, a solution provider of secure, cloud-connected digital infrastructure in Portland. “iland Catalyst gives us the ability to know exactly what resources our customers need to make their move to the cloud a success.”