IDC: ‘Cloud services will lead to a 12.4% surge’

Changing IT investments, the International Data Corporation (IDC) speculates the demand for on-premise technologies via cloud infrastructure.

According to Computer Weekly, the demand for private and public cloud services will lead to a 12.4% constant surge in IT infrastructure throughout the years, costing US$40.1 billion.

The firms Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker revealed that 60.7% of the money spent this year on storage, server and Ethernet switch technology will start from public cloud-hosting firms and data centres.

Storage, server and Ethernet switch technology is expected to rise by 11.9%, whilst IDC is expected to rise by 13.8% each year.

‘Embracing a cloud-first approach to support IT services’

IDC expects businesses to spend a lot of money on cloud-enabling IT infrastructure programmes this year, with private cloud deployments on course to capture around 14.9% of the overall US$40.1 billion.

Research Director for IDC Natalya Yezhkova said: “The overall profile of spending on IT infrastructure in various deployment or location scenarios will continue, with some differences in specific technology segments.”

Adding that: “Enterprise adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategies and the proliferation of cloud-native applications and areas such as the internet of things (IoT), which embrace a cloud-first approach to supporting IT resources, will fuel further increases in end-user spending on service based IT.”

Yezhkova also noted that the move will be reflected in a shift of the overall spending on IT infrastructure from traditional IT to cloud IT, to on-premise to off-premise deployments.

Written by Leah Alger

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