IBM moves data and apps to the cloud

IBM today announced its two new services, IBM Cloud Migration Services and IBM Cloud Deployment Services.

Cloud Migration Services aims to help businesses move to the cloud, helping customers understand existing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Deployment Services is a fully managed orchestration and automation platform for building private and hybrid clouds across multiple platforms and service providers.

Vice-president of global technology services at IBM, Bridget Karlin, said to TechCrunch: “In addition to providing companies with a significantly less expensive and faster way to orchestrate workloads across various cloud delivery models, IBM Cloud Deployment Services also provides next generation automation with its niche patterns and workflows.

“This helps reduce the service provisioning time and drastically reduces the design, build, deployment and testing efforts.”

IBM also noted Cloud Deployment Services help firms take advantage of the IBM Services Platform through artificial intelligence tools.

Written by Leah Alger