IBM launches cloud-based tool to monitor AI compliance

IBM is launching a cloud-based tool which monitors artificial intelligence (AI) in order for enterprises to comply with regulations.

AI Fairness 360 will supply a range of novel algorithms, code and tutorials.

Using a visual dashboard, customers will be able to witness how their algorithms make decisions on what factors are used to decide final recommendations.

Over time, it will take note of the model’s record for accuracy, performance and fairness.

The company hopes academics, researchers and data scientists will integrate bias detection into their models to prevent black box thinking.

“We are giving new transparency and control to the businesses who use AI and face the most potential risk from any flawed decision-making,” commented David Kenny, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Solutions, to the BBC.

The open-source software also works on frameworks such as Watson, Tensorflow, SparkML, AWS SageMaker and AzureML.

Written by Leah Alger