IBM achieves analytics at scale with Hortonworks

IBM announced that it’s recently been hosting analytics with Hortonworks to expand its data science capabilities and features of Apache Hadoop file systems, including data lake environments.

Hortonworks stores and scores big data on Hadoop and supplies customers with a fully provisioned, cloud-enabled environment for analytics and data management.

Together, they have increased HDP among enterprises and developed IHAH which is available through IBM Cloud and integrated into Big SQL, DSX and HDP.

“The IBM and Hortonworks partnership provides customers with an integrated, open data platform to run big data and cognitive workloads. Combining Hortonworks connected data platforms, IBM data science experience, and the IBM machine learning platform helps customers achieve desired analytic results faster and at scale,” says Hortonworks blog post.

“Experience solution bundles that give customers a better way to manage their data. See the new IBM Hadoop platform that’s fully integrated with IBM’s data science and machine learning platform. In addition, with this platform, IBM power systems and spectrum scale storage customers also benefit from fast access to data and lower cost.”

IBM Power Systems AC922 solutions and servers have also, finally, achieved artificial intelligence (AI).

Written by Leah Alger