How the England cricket team is using low-code to reach the top

Making a great sports team takes skill, determination and a lot of hard work. But what it also needs is a great IT team. And as part of making them one of the world’s best cricket teams, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is giving a lot of praise to its new low-code system.

For a long time, ECB was having a hard time with its data systems, struggling to figure out how to use it to its advantage to grow the game across the UK. They eventually decided to team up with global enterprise and low-code company, OutSystems.

The cricket team believes that using this type of coding has enabled them to promote the game through quickly and cheaply tracking and managing the vast amounts of data that they have. The new system brings this data together, allowing users to get closer to the development process.

Making a piece of software that worked for the team took 3 developers 2 months to fully foster the app.

A new way of thinking

Operating low-code has enabled ECB to change its approach to development and meeting solutions in that they can quickly experiment with new ideas.

Damian Smith, Head of IT, England and Wales Cricket Board, says, “OutSystems has given IT the opportunity to enhance its collaboration with the business to provide innovative solutions rapidly.”

‘fast bowling app’

An example of the apps used is a ‘fast bowling app’. This was developed with top cricket bowlers who would have their performance measured, meaning the app can analyse players strengths and weaknesses to help with training. This used sensor data, videos, observations, and training plans.

According to Smith, “this new development culture has helped improve the speed of decision-making at the ECB, specifically helping me focus investment more wisely.”

“We’ve become far more evidence-based in how we choose the projects to invest in, which gives us a lot more credibility across the entire business. We’re extremely connected to the business now, and we’re able to deliver inspired solutions that users are truly proud of.” He added.

EBC feels that using OutSystems has benefitted all those involved in the game, including players, coaches, fans and even the development of the game itself. The company also believes that in operating low-code, its IT department now better understands what is needed from them.