HelpSystems incentive to secure the cloud

HelpSystems revealed its simple way to help organisations ensure a secure cloud environment.

With the latest release of its Policy Minder security policy management solution, security professionals have the visibility and control they need to secure information in highly dynamic cloud environments.

With this new version, customers fix a major cloud security blind spot because the software is constantly checking for new server instances within their AWS EC2 environment, commonly used by DevOps teams.

If found Policy Minder applies the appropriate security settings and continues to monitor those instances for as long as they are running.

‘Rapid deployment in a cloud environment’

Bob Erdman, security product manager at HelpSystems, commented: “Fast and easy server deployments, commonly used by infrastructure and DevOps teams, can quickly lead to runaway security and compliance issues by leaving many cloud systems exposed.

“Internal teams often spin up new servers with no regard for security, and security teams have no visibility into the ever-changing environment.”

This new release adds to an already extensive set of automated security administration features for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid IT environments.

‘Increase agility and improve business value’

Chris Heim, CEO at HelpSystems, added: “Organisations transition to the cloud to increase agility and improve business value, but many have learned the hard way that a data breach can wipe out those benefits.

“Breaches often result from avoidable security misconfigurations. Our customers have reported an alarming trend in employees spinning up new cloud servers without considering security.

“Our goal with Policy Minder is to help them realise the many benefits of cloud services without sacrificing security and leaving valuable data exposed.”

Policy Minder also notifies and reports any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations, removing the complexity of cloud security and compliance.

Written from press release by Leah Alger