GSK’s new Digital and Technology Chief

GSK has announced the creation of its new Chief Digital and Technology Officer role has been given to former Wal-Mart CIO, Karenann Terrell.

Founder and CEO at Gibbs Hybrid, Farida Gibbs, said: “GSK’s move to create a new senior role responsible for digital change is admirable, as it points to the growing realisation that it should be a boardroom priority across every industry.”

The science-led global healthcare company made the new team member public a day before its quarterly results were publicised, showing the company’s “digital transformation priorities”.

‘Improving business results through technology’

Gibbs added: “Of course, the challenge when making these high-level appointments is that the tech skills shortage we see across almost all areas of the industry is exacerbated when it comes to boardroom talent. GSK has been able to secure the talents of Terrell, who was responsible for Wal-Mart’s CIO brief, but board-level digital experience is hard to come by.

“Capitalising on the latest opportunities and improving business results through technology is a task that requires many businesses to prioritise board-level training and also the process of building a pipeline of digital talent that can, eventually, step into senior business roles.”

Gibbs also noted that companies might consider more flexible solutions, such as a consultant who can act as a catalyst to kick-start the digital conversation, to signal short-term digital intentions.

Written from press release by Leah Alger