GRC professionals to adopt cloud-based technology

A recent study by Galvanize revealed that more businesses are implementing cloud-based technology as a result of the pandemic.

Indeed, it was reported that 41% of professionals are planning to adopt cloud-based technology in order to improve their productivity and efficiency within their organizations. Many governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) professionals stated that despite their company now perceiving them as being more valuable, the volume and scope of their workload have drastically increased, while resources have shrunk.

The study showed that nearly half of GRC professionals are still using Microsoft Office tools to manage important programs and documents.

Hence, it was highlighted that 63% of GRC professionals who use integrated technology can have complete visibility into the risks faced by their organizations, which is way more than those still using Microsoft Office.

The implementation of cloud-based technology will then help these professionals get more visibility into risk, have less workload, and be more efficient.