Government hybrid cloud strategies to face challenges

A new report by MeriTalk with NetApp revealed that the US government’s hybrid strategies are not able to keep pace with the accelerated digital transformations caused by the pandemic.

Indeed, according to a survey of 300 Federal, state, and local IT leaders, 77 % of Federal, state, and local government IT leaders stated that their organization has developed a formal cloud strategy, but only 30% believe that it is working well with accelerated hybrid adoption.

However, 85% declare that the pandemic pushed many of them to migrate to a hybrid cloud environment, hence resulting in some gaps in public sector cloud strategies.

It was reported that 3/4 of IT leaders think that their organization should have developed a more thoughtful data strategy before migrating data to the cloud. Besides, the majority of Federal and state, and local IT managers stated that their organizations didn’t benefit entirely from their hybrid cloud investments.

Thus, this has led to many challenges for governments including managing and securing data across environments.

In order to tackle these problems, public sector IT managers gave three solutions to optimize hybrid cloud environments: design a comprehensive data strategy, reinforce security, and partner with cloud specialists.