Google to offer 5G infrastructure cloud-based capabilities

It was recently reported that Google has been struggling to catch up with the other major cloud services providers regarding cloud-based solutions for enterprise deployments.

Hence, in order to further advance its strategy, Google decided to start a partnership with Intel. This partnership will then aim to offer 5G infrastructure cloud-based capabilities by developing reference architectures and integrated solutions for communications service providers (CSP) for core network functions and edge network solutions.

This is an essential mission for Google as 5G is quickly moving to a cloud-native architecture that will enable many features and services, such as network slicing, IoT, quality of service, mobile edge, among others.

By doing so, Google could add large-scale deployment to its platform and get more investments for more generic enterprise services, as well as leverage critical services. Working with Intel will give Google a good start to make the transition for potential customers to its services fairly transparent, as well as leveraging Intel customers for a “fast-start” capability. It also offers Google a certain level of credibility.

Hence, Google plans to work with Intel on three key points of CSP solutions:

  • Providing next-generation infrastructure and hardware systems for VRAN and ORAN solutions;
  • Creating a lab environment where CSPs can develop their solutions,
  • Enabling easier deployments to the edge.

Therefore, this partnership will give Google what it needs to establish itself in this marketplace.