Google to launch new cloud computing tool to choose greener data centers

It was recently announced that Google launched a new cloud computing tool that helps customers in choosing greener data centers.

Indeed, this new feature will flag regions with some of the lowest carbon impacts, which will be indicated with a leaf symbol and a ‘Lowest CO2’ label. In order to be featured, the cloud region will need to achieve a certain Carbon-Free Energy Percentage (CFE%) – around 75%.

The CFE% is used by Google to keep its goal of running its business on carbon-free energy by 2030. This is then the next step in achieving this. By choosing a region that works on renewable power, the company is helping its customers make more sustainable decisions.

Moreover, Google is then trying to incorporating this new data into the decisions made by business leaders when picking their next cloud region. Customers are able to check where to host their applications to lower their impact on the environment, as well as enables business leaders to find out the price of services in different areas and the physical distance between the customer’s end-users and the region.