Google Cloud to join FinOps Foundation

It was recently announced that Google Cloud would be joining the FinOps Foundation as a Premier Member.

The FinOps Foundation is an open-source foundation, hosted by the Linux Foundation, launched last year. The foundation seeks to bring together companies in the cloud financial management industry in order to establish best practices and standards. Hence, its goal is to help businesses have the resources to manage and budget their cloud spend.

Google Cloud is now the first major cloud provider of the foundation. As part of the partnership, it has agreed to send some of its members to the Foundation’s various Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Working Groups so as to help drive open-source standards for cloud financial management.

The company declared that FinOps offers the best practices, which are essential for companies to monitor, analyze and optimize cloud spend across critical projects. Hence, this collaboration will allow Google’s users to have more visibility, efficiency, and tools as well as improve their cloud deployments and drive greater business value.