GitLab reveals new funding round

In a bid to make its vision for Complete DevOps a reality, GitLab has revealed its new funding round.

Today they are uniting development and operations into one user experience.

The company wrote in a blog: “The recent US$20million Series C funding round will help GitLab reimagine and restructure DevOps tools to create one experience that reduces friction, increases collaboration and drives a competitive advantage, also known as Complete DevOps.”

According to the company, a Complete DevOps solution includes a single UI for dev and operations, integrates all phases of DevOps, and enables dev and operation teams to work together with less friction.

The company added: “We want to build GitLab into the complete DevOps tool chain. We already cover every stage of the software development lifecycle. Why stop at production? Why not go beyond that, into operations? We want to close the loop between Dev and Ops, automating processes and reducing complexity so that you can focus on a great customer experience.”

GitLab also wants to automatically create merge requests, instead of notifying someone to make changes manually.

Written from press release by Leah Alger