German government chooses Nextcloud’s cloud platform

Nextcloud has revealed its new three-year contract which will consist of supplying the German federal government with its private, on-premises cloud platform.

The German federal government chose the local private cloud and open-source file-sync operator as its file-sharing platform for 300,000 government users because of it promising “improved productivity without the loss of control over data location and access associated with public clouds”.

Nextcloud’s code appears to be an appealing programme for government use because it’s fully backed by a Security Bug Bounty Programme which pays security experts for any uncovered vulnerabilities.

Nextcloud Managing Director, Frank Karlitschek, told Spiegel: “Nextcloud is more secure than a public cloud solution because you can run our software in its own data center that you trust, and anyone can inspect the code, check for security vulnerabilities, anytime, anywhere and change if necessary.”

This partnership also came to light because of the upcoming GDPR soon coming into effect.

Written by Leah Alger