Gemalto says Oracle Cloud ‘reduces complexity’

Oracle’s gold member of PartnerNetwork, Gemalto, announced Oracle Cloud infrastructure customers could strengthen the security of their cloud workloads and reduce the complexity of managing numerous heterogeneous security solutions with an integrated SafeNet encryption and key management offering.

Gemalto’s SafeNet encryption and key management solutions help enterprises align data protection policies and business processes without compromising the integrity and security of their data through an easy-to-deploy, centrally managed solution.

Enterprise customers can maintain full control of encryption and key lifecycle management in either on premise or multi-cloud environments by extending the existing portfolio to Oracle Cloud, which helps improve:

  • Security – Customers can store and manage keys in central, hardened appliances, and gain the visibility and control they need to consistently and effectively enforce security controls.
  • Compliance auditing– The centralisation of all key management operations lets customers produce comprehensive logs that could be used to demonstrate compliance with stringent security policies and industry regulations
  • Scalability – Customers can easily scale their key management and encryption to address the challenges of securing more data across numerous cloud environments
  • Simplicity – Administrators have one comprehensive solution to enable a multi-cloud security strategy that is fast, easy and efficient.

Using Gemalto’s customer controlled encryption operations with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help keep an organisation’s data safe from unauthorised access through the encryption of applications, databases, files, virtual machines, multi-cloud environments and physical servers.

Todd Moore, senior vice president of encryption products at Gemalto, said: “Companies moving to the cloud don’t want to have to rely solely on the cloud provider for security, instead many want to manage and maintain control over the security of their data.

“Working across multiple cloud services is becoming the ‘norm’. Using a single system helps companies have a holistic view into security operations instead of one with many silos and reduces the amount of configuration of the applications to meet existing and upcoming security models, compliance and regulations.”

Written from press release by Leah Alger