From cloud to interconnectivity, what Capacity Europe brought to DevOps

Over 2,500 IT professionals representing more than 650 companies worldwide attended this year’s Capacity Europe, one of the continent’s biggest connectivity events held in London’s Intercontinental O2 last week.

Tuesday kicked off the first full day at the event with an early morning talk from the event’s host, Eric Cervis, President of Verizon. Next, the round table discussion saw talks focused on D&I Program, mentoring, imposter syndrome.

Short but sweet

In a series of short 10-minute afternoon talks, industry representatives gave their opinions on a range of connectivity topics.

Claire Macland from Equinix discussed the patterns found in interconnection and the way that organisations are taking advantage of this.

She says: “Something that we spend a lot of time looking at are the major macro trends that are facing our customers, day in, day out, and when we look at these, these individual trends are not going to be surprises for you. But what is interesting is the fact that realisation is today, very often use interconnection as a way specifically to address these trends.”

The Equinix representative then went on to discuss how this further affects interconnectivity trends and how firms can use this alongside multicloud technologies.

Other talks and pieces of information

Other quick talks included titles such as “A new era of metro interconnection” and “Empower your edge – challenges of building and financing data center infrastructure for the digital economy”.

As part of the second titled talk, speaker Matthew Larbey from Edgeconnex says: “From the experience we’ve had in the content space, in the cloud space and increasingly into IoT and future services, we believe that this Internet of Everything requires an Internet of Everything and what that is doing is driving a need to rearchitect for today’s traffic flows”

An insightful event

The rest of the week saw global internet companies launch first of its kind products, the extension of technology hubs and partnerships that will simplify intra-regional connectivity.

With the exhibition centre holding a plethora of stalls, each one being representing a different firm with expertise in a range of areas, Capicity Europe did a great job of connecting professionals through the knowledge and insight that flowed through the event.