Forrester report: Six trends that shape DevOps adoption

Forrester’s report Six Trends That Will Shape DevOps Adoption In 2017 And Beyond highlights six major trends benchmarked from Forrester’s Q1 2017 Global DevOps Benchmark online survey; where professionals determined which DevOps methods they want to adjust, enhance, or continue to pursue.

According to the report, to fully adopt DevOps practices, changes must be made regarding culture, automation, lean, measurement, sharing, and sourcing methods.

The report found that I&O professionals are “heading in the right direction” across multiple teams and functions, which is critical to breaking down silos between different organisations.

The report also found that in order to offer a better customer experience, organisations must speed up release cycles of applications and services.

Forrester’s Q1 2017 Global DevOps Benchmark online survey found that I&O professionals are demonstrating great results with the DevOps competency model: 63% of respondents indicated they have implemented or are implementing and expanding DevOps, while 27% are planning to implement it.

The survey also showed 61% of I&O professionals agree that team collaboration is encouraged and rewarded.

Forrester’s Q1 2017 Global DevOps Benchmark online survey was fielded by 623 individuals who work in technology management.

Written by Leah Alger