Ford to partner with Google to drive its digital transformation forward

Google and Ford recently announced a new partnership that will focus on bringing Android Automotive to Ford’s Ford and Lincoln-branded cars from 2023 as well as having Google Cloud as its cloud provider.

Indeed, with Google Cloud, the company will be able to digitally transform from the front office to the manufacturing plant floor. Besides, this will also drive the modernization of product development, manufacturing and supply chain management, and implement computer vision AI for employee training, and inspection of equipment on the assembly line.

Google and Ford are working to find new ways to monetize Ford’s data through features like maintenance requests and trade-in alerts. Ford aims to move rapidly towards commercializing its new self-driving business.

Moreover, the company is also seeking to leverage Google Cloud’s AI tools, as well as to use the data it collects to create a connection to its drivers to create personalized experiences.

This partnership will help transform Ford’s business and build automotive technologies that aim to keep people safe and connected on the road.