Firstlight Media to collaborate with Google Cloud

Firstlight Media recently announced that it has started a partnership with Google Cloud in order to support the rapid deployment and expansion of OTT video streaming services.

The company has a microservices-based architecture that will be able to take complete advantage of Google Cloud capabilities. This will include more agility to launch services quicker, more scalability for cost-effective growth with customers’ businesses and support for complex use cases, and finally, better extensibility that futureproofs platforms into the best technology solutions, as well as product features that drive innovation and deliver on customer acquisition, retention, and revenue.

By combining Firstlight Media’s ability in solving complex issues for operators with the scale, reach, and tools of Google Cloud, the company will enable video providers to capitalize quickly and efficiently on new market opportunities by delivering AI/ML-powered personalization and monetization.

Moreover, customers will be able to leverage Firstlight’s OTT headend in San Diego and digital expertise in the media and entertainment industry so as to have more control over advertising and subscription.

This partnership with Google Cloud will give many options to the company for new services that can better benefit the consumers. Indeed, they will be able to leverage three resources: its cloud-native platform, Google Cloud’s platform, and the technology of other Google Cloud partners.

Hence, this will lead to more opportunities that will maximize the long-term value of each subscriber.