Firms’ still invest in IT processes despite Brexit confusion, says report

Capgemini UK’s ninth edition ‘World Quality Report‘ found that Brexit has generated a large amount of uncertainty, as firms don’t understand its full implications, which has resulted in a large amount of transformational IT projects being put on hold.

This has had a huge impact on investments in testing and QA, but surprisingly, this hasn’t prevented sectors moving towards automation, agile and DevOps processes.

Development and releases

Instead, the report found that 61% of UK respondents have experienced a rise towards IT budgets.

When respondents were questioned “what’s driving QA and testers to raise their budget”, the majority of respondents said this is because of “business demands for higher IT quality”, “increased need for co-location” and an “increased number of development and releases”.

The increase of agile and DevOps

When the report touched upon individuals trends, agile and DevOps is clearly increasing via a range of sectors.

The most common DevOps practices mentioned included:

  • Usage of loosely coupled architectures and/or microservices
  • Virtualisation of environments
  • Continuous monitoring used along with predictive analysis.

According to the report respondents, the most popular agile methodologies are scrum, hybrid models and dynamic systems development method (DSDM).

Experts also noted that customer-facing operations and strict processes make it harder to adopt the agile and DevOps way of working.

Written by Leah Alger