Expert warns technology will destroy jobs

According to Sir Martin Sorrell, the CEO and Founder of Wire and Plastic Products (WPP), jobs will be destroyed by the growth of technology.

Experts have long been discussing conflicting thoughts on how future work forces will cope with the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.

“I happen to be in the camp of people who think that technology disrupts and will destroy jobs,” announced Sorrell at the London Tech Week event. “It’s shortening the supply chain and getting rid of what I used to call the tyranny of geography.”

‘Tech giants control the world’s global trillion dollar market’

Gig economy startups such as Uber have been a main concern because of it being ‘bad for workers,’ as well as tech giants such as Google and Facebook, because of them controlling 20% of the world’s global trillion dollar market and 75% of digital advertising.

“Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are the most valuable brands in the world. They are a frenemy to sovereign states and very powerful organisations,” said Sorrell. “I would like to see Snap succeed and become the third force in online media and advertising along with Google and Facebook.”

Sorrell also noted that the supply chain in advertising and the media is the most complicated he’s ever seen, although it should simplify over time.

Written from source by Leah Alger

Source: CITY A.M.