Expectations of cloud computing, big data and analytics advancing smart cities

The National Software Testing Conference (NSTC) speakers explain how it would be difficult to collect, process and report analytics based on smart cities, without big data, analytics and cloud computing.

“Data is now easier to access, and being in the cloud, there are many possible integrations with many tools for harvesting, mining, analysing, visualising and understanding the data, visualising the data lineage, and so on,” agreed Thomas Noe, Product Quality Manager at Collibra.

“The next step is to catalogue the data and be able to plug and play the data sets you need for your profiling, scraping, mining, etc. Data sets will receive a trusted certification mark and quality level so that each person shopping for data can be sure it is trusted,” he added.

Computing technologies

Smart cities employ a combination of data collection, processing, and distributing technologies in conjunction with networking and computing technologies and data security and privacy.

“Big data, analytics and cloud computing open new ways to collective action and collaborative problem-solving. Globally, this helps to improve the link between a user and the right service/product,” said Global Head of Testing Practices at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking, Chekib Ayed.

Big data provides vast amounts of data for digital earth applications including traffic and transportation systems, business, sciences and engineering. At the same time, it presents a real challenge for storing, transporting, processing, mining and the serving of this data.

Intelligent analytics

“Cloud computing provides the answer to this challenge with shared computing resources including computing, storage, networking and analytical software. Intelligent analytics is then required to fully grasp the opportunities this data provides in order to improve and enable research and decision-support applications to build smarter cities,” continued Quality Assurance Manager at Wyndham Vacation Rentals UK, Felicity Lord.

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Written by Leah Alger