EU Commission produces new cloud computing strategy

By unleashing a new cloud computing strategy, the European Commission believes it will deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new jobs in the economy, as well as an annual boost of EU€160billion by 2020.

The EU Commission’s plan is to provide support for EU-wide certification schemes for trustworthy cloud providers; develop model ‘safe and fair’ contract terms for cloud computing contracts including Service Level Agreements and improve the technical standards of cloud users. 

Viviane Reding, Vice-President, European Commission, said in a blog post: “Europe needs to think big. The cloud strategy will enhance trust in innovative computing solutions and boost a competitive digital single market where Europeans feel safe.

“That means a swift adoption of the new data protection framework which the Commission proposed earlier this year and the development of safe and fair contract terms and conditions.”

To shape up the European market, and the boost the chances of European cloud providers growing, the EU has also partnered with Member States.

Written by Leah Alger