Digital talents to be looking for a new role in the coming years

It was recently found out that a significant number of people in digital roles are looking to change jobs in the next few years.

Indeed, a study by the Boston Consulting Group reported that almost 75% of those in a digital role are looking to leave their current position within the next two to three years, and around 40% of digital workers want to leave now.

This is mainly due to the fact that companies across all industries digitise and salaries for tech talent have skyrocketed to a level where few employers can compete. More people are changing for career progression and employees with highly technical skills are looking for roles in consulting or engineering.

Besides, more and more employees are looking for a workplace with the right culture, values, and diversity.

Moreover, many employees are now looking to work remotely and so, will choose a firm that will be more flexible. Around the end of 2020, 76% of tech workers were working fully remotely. Now, almost 95% want to have some of the flexibility gained during the pandemic by working from home at least one day a week, and three-quarters want to work more flexible hours.