Digital businesses transformation to be driving the adoption of APIs

It was recently found out that digital business transformation initiatives have led to an increase in reliance on external-facing APIs.

Indeed, a study by RapidAPI reported that 74% of developers are currently using APIs for internal applications, with 49% working on third-party APIs, and 44% on partner-facing APIs. This is an increase of 35% compared to the year before.

It is then clear that APIs are becoming a key enabling technology for driving digital business transformation initiatives.

Moreover, it was found out that 75% of developers believed that participating in the API economy is a top priority for their organization now or in the near future. Besides, 68% also expect to increase their API use in 2022.

However, the shortage of developer talent is an important concern, as well as the lack of internal prioritization around digital transformation efforts, the lack of API development resources and tools, and the lack of alignment with other departments.

Another 90% noted that security and data privacy is a key challenge when employing APIs.

Furthermore, it was also reported that 56% are open to switching jobs, due to higher compensation or improved benefits, interest in a specific product or technology at a different company, desire for a more flexible working environment, interest in a specific company or market and an opportunity to work with former teammates or friends.

Hence, it is vital that DevOps leaders encourage the best talent available to join and remain with their organization.