DHS to set up Cyber Safety Review Board to assess cybersecurity threats. 

The Department of Homeland Security has recently announced the creation of a new Cyber Safety Review Board to assess new cybersecurity threats.

Indeed, the board would be composed of 15 cybersecurity experts from both public and private organizations in order to review and assess significant cybersecurity events. It will be part of the executive order signed by President Biden last year and will help drive improvements across the private and public sectors.

The Department also noted that the board will focus on issues related to Log4J due to the vulnerabilities and threats associated. It will be led by DHS undersecretary for policy Robert Silvers as chair and Google’s senior director for security engineering Heather Adkins as deputy chair. CISA director Jen Easterly will be in charge of appointing the board’s members as well as managing, supporting, and funding the effort.

Moreover, the board’s first report is set to be finished by the summer with a list of actions taken by the government and the private sector to mitigate the Log4J issue. There will also be recommendations on how to address associated threat activity and improve cybersecurity.