DevOps is a ‘waste of time if not fully committed’, says report

A New Relic report Achieving Serverless Success with Dynamic Cloud and DevOps suggests that DevOps is a waste of time if not “fully committed”.

According to the survey carried out by the digital intelligence platform, 23% of participants that adopted the DevOps approach with moderate commitment ran into problems, as well as 21% with a low commitment to DevOps, while 57% with higher adoption rates saw better results.

In terms of improvement, 30% of high and moderate DevOps users saw a positive impact in the length of their development cycle, with 14% of low DevOps users reporting no change.

Only 17% of moderate DevOps users noticed a boost among application uptime, 22% of low DevOps users saw an improvement, as well as 44% of high DevOps users.

According to the report, engineers must be able to notice the impact DevOps has in order to achieve investment.

The report stated: “If engineers can’t connect their DevOps efforts to measurable improvements in outcomes that matter for their job and their career, your DevOps initiative may stall, wasting your investment and even leaving you worse off than when you started.”

The results conclude that moderate adopters ended up “worse off” than those with limited adoption, so businesses need to be “fully committed” with DevOps, or it’s a “waste of time”.

Written by Leah Alger