DevOps transitions cost up to US$500,000, says KMS

KMS Technology recently released a survey that found companies need a clear road map with a good understanding of financial and labour costs regarding DevOps in order to be successful.

Regarding participants happy with their DevOps transitions, 51% of IT professionals reported having a “very positive” impression of DevOps after the move.

The plurality of transitions cost between US$100, 000 and US$500,000, according to the survey.

According to jaxenter, DevOps commonly tends to slow the transition, because of little finance support from executives.

Another 40% of respondents said their budget was projected to rise as much as a quarter for DevOps related expenses like software development, testing, and services.

KMS also found that 85% of DevOps transitions take up to one year to be completed.

The survey was conducted by over 200 IT professionals who had participated in DevOps over the past year.

Written by Leah Alger