DevOps to be the key to drive digital transformation and innovation

A recent report by Dynatrace revealed that scaling DevOps and SRE practices are essential to accelerate the release of high-quality digital services.

Indeed, it showed that organizations needed to keep up with the demand for digital innovation in order to remain ahead of the competition. However, they are facing a number of challenges, such as siloed teams, manual approaches, and complex tooling. These slow down innovation and impede the teams’ ability to drive value for the business.

It was also reported that organizations expect to increase the frequency of their software releases by 58% in the next two years, yet 22% of developers are under a lot of pressure to meet the demand for faster innovation, which removes the focus from code quality.

DevOps is seen as the key to driving digital transformation and optimizing customers’ experiences. However, 27% of DevOps’ teams waste time on manual CI/CD tasks, which impedes innovation. Hence, it is essential to invest in automation and extend AIOps across the software delivery cycle.

Finally, 74% believe that end-to-end observability is vital to DevOps in the future, and 71% think that a unified and seamless platform will help scale DevOps.