DevOps teams to benefit from New Relic One platform extension

The extension of the New Relic platform, New Relic One, will feature monitoring for AWS Lambda, new dashboards, programmability, global search, and cross-account service maps.

The cloud-based instrumentation platform will help DevOps teams with complex environments find, visualise, and understand their data.

Lew Cirne, CEO and founder of New Relic, said of the new release: “DevOps teams continue to struggle with a fragmented view of their complex environments due to data about customer experiences residing in multiple systems, dashboards, and organisations. New Relic One is the industry’s first entity-centric observability platform, unifying all of a customer’s data across multiple accounts so teams can see a pan-enterprise view of all of the relationships and dependencies.”

New Relic One

New Relic One unifies all of a customer’s data across multiple accounts so each team can see a pan-enterprise, shared view of everything they instrument. It also treats everything that needs to be instrumented as an ‘entity’ and indexes entities to track their relationships and dependencies to each other so teams have context in addition to metrics.

New Relic One provides: new cross-account service maps that can automatically visualise up and down-stream dependencies of entities, making it easy to quickly identify the root cause when troubleshooting an incident; new global search and universal tag filtering, so teams can quickly and easily find entities across their enterprise; improved dashboarding capabilities, enabling users to quickly create information-rich, custom dashboards that connect technical efforts and business impact.

New Relic One

Also: the ability to quickly extend the visualisations for business and domain-specific needs e.g, point-of-sale system data with real-time telemetry, all overlaid on a map; a new home page experience, empowering customers to see all of their performance data in one place.


Stephen Elliot, program vice president, I&O at IDC, said: “The demand for microservices and cloud-based services continues to aggravate complications across enterprise technology teams. Untangling these complications requires a thoughtful approach that simplifies the process of observing and measuring software applications.

“These requirements have never been optional, and are more important than ever as the pace of change accelerates with modern application architectures, DevOps, and Agile approaches.”