DevOps teams to be considered elite performers

A recent report by Google revealed that 26% of DevOps teams can now be classified as elite performers.

Indeed, this increase since 2019 showed that DevOps practices keep on evolving despite all the challenges of the past year. Elite performers now represent two-thirds of respondents and have managed to decrease their lead time for changes as well as minimized their change failure rate.

Besides, 52% have reported being using site reliability engineering (SRE) best practices. They also deploy code 973 times more frequently than low performers and managed to have lead times from commit to deploy 6,570 times faster than low performers.

Moreover, the study showed that security practices have also improved with 60% conducting security reviews. 63% have stated that they now work closely with information security teams. Teams with high-quality documentation are more likely to integrate security throughout their development process.

It was found out there was also more reliance on cloud platforms, with 56% of respondents using a public cloud. They have done so in order to leverage the unique benefits of each cloud provider and for more availability.