DevOps teams need to work on communication, reveals survey

In order to achieve DevOps success, communication needs to improve between software development and IT, according to a recent survey.

The investigation was carried out by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Trend Micro and was aiming to explore the attitudes of DevOps users at various stages of their practice.

1,310 people from SME and enterprise organisations were questioned from across the globe.

The results

74% of respondents said that they believed the integration of DevOps practices, such as team mixing, security and IT operations had more of a meaning in the past year.

However, a massive 89% of people said their DevOps practices would improve if communication between IT and software development was better. They believe this practice was essential as part of success.

One-third of recipients also believe that DevOps is a mutual obligation for both software development and IT teams.

Just over three-quarters (77%) of those asked believed that developers, security and operation also needed better communication. Whilst 34% thought these setbacks were making it difficult to build a DevOps culture.

Indi Siriniwasa, VP of Trend Micro Sub-Saharan Africa, said: “Until the link between these teams is firmed up, we will continue to see a disconnect, and the length of time developers take to deliver on applications will continue to suffer.”

Executive vice-president of network defence and hybrid cloud security for Trend Micro, Steve Quane, spoke of how those that use DevOps practices have a good future.

But, he also said: “The history of software development shows that the biggest and best process improvements never happen quickly because of the most valuable variable: people, who have existing behavioural patterns and cultural components.”

How to improve

Respondents were also questioned on how they feel this issue could be improved on.

50% suggested that sharing learning experiences across teams would help. Whilst 58% said that setting common goals would improve things and 61% said companies needed greater integration between teams.

One major issue that occurred as a hindrance is that only 46% of companies had created a full strategy for executing DevOps practices.