DevOps salaries continue to increase despite the pandemic

A recent report from Puppet revealed that IT salaries continue to increase despite widespread economic slowdowns and cross-industry layoffs.

Indeed, many organizations have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives by three or four years during the pandemic, which led to higher salaries for IT and engineering practitioners and managers.

It was also found out that companies that have already reached a higher level of DevOps evolution compensate their employees at a higher rate than those whose DevOps evolution is less advanced. 80% of employees working in organizations with developed DevOps practices earn at least $75,000 per year while only 57% of employees at companies with less evolved DevOps practices earn that much.

The pandemic led to a need for digital transformation and highly skilled people. As a result, these skills are getting compensated more.

Moreover, platform engineers have become the best-paid job title, with earnings higher than $150,000 per year, and respondents working in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare (LSPH) were the top earners worldwide, with 64% of LSPH respondents earn more than $100,000.

However, it was also noticed that more women earn mid-range salaries than men, but men still earn more of the top salaries than women.