DevOps one of most sought-after skills, says survey

Almost half of employers (49%) seek out those with DevOps skills, according to a survey.

The New Zealand recruitment firm, Hays, questioned 900 employers as part of their annual Hays Salary Guide.

As well as DevOps employees, the survey also found that civil engineers, sales people, and construction managers were also highly sought after, with 49% saying that those looking to improve permanent staffing levels look towards these sectors.

53% of those interviewed believe that technical skills are the most important when it comes to effectiveness in a company. 47% think that the most desirable skills are industry-specific and 30% thought that managerial abilities are most significant.

Just 25% of people think digital dexterity was the most valuable attribute to have and 26% thought it to be development.

Adam Shapley, managing director of Hays in New Zealand says, “Labour supply has been an ongoing issue across New Zealand for some time, so with employers telling us they want to continue adding to their headcount in the next few months, highly skilled professionals will be in high demand and can access strong career-advancing opportunities,”

Of those questioned, 81% considered the lack of these qualifications to impact on the effectiveness of operations at their business.