DevOps is a ‘meaningless buzzword’ finds report

Software testing and automation provider, LogiGear, has announced its second survey results, assessing the state of the software testing landscape, whilst focusing on DevOps.

LogiGear’s goal was to grasp attitudes regarding DevOps, to understand testing professionals’ strategies, and to look at the financial tool chain commitments that requires culture change, planning and training.

The survey findings show that 60% of respondents that use DevOps are under a lot of pressure, with 46% that don’t use DevOps saying there is a lot more pressure to automate.

Since adopting DevOps, 60% of participants are finishing more tests, 32% of developers are conducting more tests, and nearly 50% of respondents using DevOps revealed that they have a lot of test data problems, with the group that doesn’t use DevOps having fewer issues.

Continuous delivery adoption

“DevOps can be a big disruptor, bringing with it a new manner of working, a new set of tools. What most teams want is a smooth running software development pipeline and with DevOps that can take time,” said Michael Hackett, Senior Vice President at LogiGear.

“In fact, at LogiGear we have stopped using the phrase DevOps, and now instead use continuous delivery. There are many reasons for this. First, continuous delivery eliminates the visualisation of the big issues that come to mind when thinking of the term DevOps. Second, it seems continuous delivery is what software teams really need. Our survey brings insight into the big issues and roadblocks surrounding continuous delivery adoption,” added Hackett.

Only 33% of respondents said that their agile and scrum practices are going well, despite not using DevOps.

“Agile and scrum were concrete processes that led to tangible and positive results in the workplace. On the other hand, I have yet to understand the term ‘DevOps’ except as a meaningless buzzword that has had zero effect to our work processes,” said a survey participant.

The survey findings conclude that more teams that practice DevOps will continue to improve through communication, information and training.

Written from press release by Leah Alger