DevOps impact on FOODit

FOODit Principal Development Manager, Dan Cuellar, speaks exclusively to DevOps Online about his presentation at The National DevOps Conference, which will take place on the 24-25 May 2017, and his success using DevOps.

Not only does Cuellar manage a small team based in London using 100% DevOps, he is also the creator of the open source mobile automation framework Appium, and has a lot of experience working with technical software, previously working for the likes of Microsoft Products as a Software Engineer.

Like many, FOODit moved to DevOps only a year ago – Cuellar is extremely happy with the results.

“DevOps has helped FOODit massively; deployments have doubled, and the company’s cost has lowered by 60%,” says Cuellar.

“It’s gone incredibly smoothly.”

Cuellar will be presenting “Virtualise and Containerise Now: A Case Study in Moving to Docker/ Kubernetes” at the conference. He will be covering the problems FOODit encountered using DevOps, how the company overcome the challenges, and the benefits he discovered during the technical transition.

Mainly he is looking forward to listen to conference speaker’s experiences, and to find out more about where the industry is heading.

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Written by Leah Alger