DevOps experts and Electric Cloud join strategic advisory board


The Electric Cloud has expanded its strategic alliances to increase the advisory board and to support DevOps at an enterprise level.

DevOps Handbook Author John Willis and Continuous Delivery Leader Nicole Forsgren will be joining DevOps Research CEO Gene Kim and Container Systems Leader Gary Gruver to continue investing the DevOps community with the strategic advisory board.

“The work I do helps organisations understand the benefits and business impact that DevOps transformation can bring, which helps underscore the importance of taking that first step,” said Forsgren.

“I’m excited to work with the electric cloud team to help educate the market on the importance that feedback loops and data-driven insights have on tackling DevOps adoption in the safest, most efficient way possible,” she added.

The new community edition of electric flow has sparked strong demand with a 150% subscription increase, and is now available to download as a Docker container, Azure Virtual Image, Amazon AMI and VirtualBox image.

“Starting and scaling DevOps transformations in the enterprise presents its own unique sets of challenges,” said Gruver.

Everyone is looking forward to working with each other, and to help support other organisations work with the Electric Cloud.

“I am excited to work with Gene Kim and the innovative team at Electric Cloud to help large organisations adopt container technologies for both development and production workloads,” announced Willis.

“To stay competitive, organisations are adopting DevOps practices and tools to automate their software delivery pipeline. Electric Cloud understands that DevOps adoption is not just a technical challenge but a cultural one, as well,” concluded Kim.

Written from press release by Leah Alger